Freitag, 5. November 2010


You are not alone
I can feel with you
It really hurts to see whats happening with you
Everytime I hear it my hearts fragmented bit for bit
Every night passed away without sleep
I just thinking of you and that your future will be perfect.
You are one of the best things in my life
I hope that our friendship never breaks down.
I know you just a couple of days,
but i have the feeling, that we can be someday good friends.
I really enjoy it to write with you.
And i really like your temperament.
Thanks for that you are not like the others and that you don´t hate me or anything else
for my current living situation

Bye bye <3


  1. I just wanna thank you for everything~ you've done for me~
    thanks Ruka!
    I don't know how I can explain ,but :
    you're very important for me~
    And I don't want to miss the days
    that I've spended with you~

  2. Mostly words can´t say what you feel.
    I don´t want to miss them too
    You are so important
    Something like my brother*hugs*